Rumah Penghulu

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Rumah Penghulu or Chieftain House is a wooden house which was acquired from the nearby adjacent village of Bukit Lembu, Langkawi, The house was dismantled and rebuilt  close to its original design.

Traditionally,  Langkawi traditional wooden houses was built on stilt for the following reasons 1) Provide cool air ventilation. 2) Storage space  to keep their daily argriculture tools and equipment and harvested produce

However, the house is now rebuilt on higher stilts to provide spaces on the ground floor  for living  with a daybed/sofa and 42 inches Smart TV, a dining area that fits 4 guests, toilet with bath tub.  Being a house, it has a fully equip kitchen which include a two burner stove, ventilation hood, washing sink, a microwave and a fridge.  The guests will enjoy the natural cool air from the surrounding gardens and forest without airconditioning on the ground floor.  2 wall fans are provided for additional comfort.

Rumah Penfghulu has 2 bright and modern furnished bedrooms on the upper floor that can accomodate 3 guests at any point of time.  Both fans and air condition are provided in the bedrooms.   It is suitable for small family stay as it is the only accomodation that the guest can cook and do their washing privately on their own..

All guests will receive an inclusive breakfast, served at your table at Sekapur Sireh Cafe  each morning.

All paintings are also for sale, but only for the right price.

Inclusive breakfasts:

All guests will receive an inclusive breakfast, served at your table at Sekapur Sireh Cafe  each morning , which include seasonal local cut fruits, bread and pastry served with home made jams and butter and five main meals selections  to choose from, alternating between local and western.

If you’d like a special breakfast, please request at least one day before, so our staff may prepare it for you.

Shared Living area:

Exposed brick and exquisite paintings encompass the living area in the main villa, which its allows traditional flavour to play up the room’s distinct personality. With high-end sofas and pop-coloured ornaments, its bright nature creates a harmonious juxtaposition that truly captures the unique essence of Fadzil’s style.

The area also uses mirror-like symmetry, acting as eye candy for even the most meticulous of décor perfectionists, with connected sliding doors that open up to the pool.

As for the dining area, the dining table seats approximately 14 people. Revel in gorgeous, aquatic-inspired chandeliers from Murano as you eat dinner, magnanimous paintings by iconic Malaysian artists, and handmade installation art pieces just outside your door.


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